Ride N Vote gives free rides to
the polls for early voting and Election Day

We provide rides to the polls for free. 2023 elections are to be taken very seriously by many voters this term. Support the effort to end voter suppression and Get the Vote Out.

Ride N Vote wants to help you get your vote counted. Shamefully, there are those in your neighborhood that are unable to get their vote counted. Ride N Vote is a non-profit organization here to provide free rides to the polls. With donations, we build a basic rideshare application that will have the ability to get people to the polls for free! Passengers can drop off their mail-in ballots or vote directly at their voting center. Our goal is to fight to end voter suppression. Ride N Vote has one mission, and that is to get out the vote. We know the significance of being heard, not just for the one but for the many.

Show up and vote or show up and drop your ballot off. Voting is voting, no matter how you do it. There are people that want to be heard. Help them by donating now!

Call, text, or click button below to schedule a ride to the polls.